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Introducing Trello Roadmap!

I recently posted a review of (See it here –> Trello Review) I am now introducing the TechnoTrumpet Trello roadmap! You can see what posts I am working on, requests new ones, and see what’s already been posted! I will be updating  this weekly. Without further ado, visit this board here! Thanks for visiting TechnoTrumpet!

After The Fact Review: Pebble Origional

Welcome to After The Fact. This is where I review a product that has been released for 1 or more years.  Today I will be reviewing the Pebble Original. Even thought it has a black&white e-paper display, it sill looks good. It is readable even in direct sunlight. It is readable in total darkness with…

Have you ever used iHeart Radio?

Hello readers! I am planning to do a article on iHeart radio. Have any of you ever used it? If so, let me know. Have any tips or tricks? Let me know of these also!  BTW: If there isn’t a form under this, go to  and begin your question with “iHeart Radio Response”. Thanks!

Open Source Sundays #1: Inkscape

Welcome to Open Source Sunday: where I try to use an open source program in place of a paid or proprietary program. Warning: It usually doesn’t go well. Today on Open Source Sundays! Today I tried Inkscape. I do a lot of desktop publishing. Today I tried to make a poster in Inkscape. I found its features familiar to…